Review: Satan’s Sorority by Graham Wynd from Fahrenheit Thirteen

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Reads like the very best of classic 50s and 60s horror. It’s a Hammer movie on the page. Not for the faint hearted. At times pure filth, in the best possible way.

Satan’s Sorority is a short sharp read. Like the classic Hammer horror that is clearly an influence, it’s a great story told with brutal efficiency but that nonetheless lingers in the mind.

A mash up of horror and crime, the story follows Sandra Delites who is sent to college by a prurient father to ‘straighten’ her out. That doesn’t quite go to plan, or not Sandra’s fathers plan anyway. A lesbian occult sorority isn’t exactly what 1950s America would define as homely. Sigma Tau Nu is however the setting for a fast paced pulpy story, full of sex and violence.

Graham Wynd has crafted a novel effective in its brevity, there is no wasted space or extra exposition. The world you find yourself in is small but perfectly formed, encapsulating the college experience of so many. Your entire world is about your friends and campus life. Placing the story in such an identifiable situation gives it a real punch, makes you wonder what’s going on behind the doors of your own community. Or question whether you really want to know?

As the story escalates, so does the violence until it reaches a crashing crescendo with a memorable final sequence through which you will barely draw breath. I said it’s not for the faint hearted, I meant it. The ending does leave scope for a return visit to Sigma Tau Nu, if Graham Wynd does decide to go back, I think I can handle it…

A real mash up of noir and horror. At just over 70 pages (in paperback) I devoured Satan’s Sorority in a single sitting. A highly recommended quick read.

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