Review: Chainsaw by John Bender from Lockdown Press

The White-Trash Chainsaw Robbery. Funny. Violent. Fucked Up. Fast and furious sleazy redneck horror. Huge fun – if you can stomach it.

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In the early 1980s in the UK, there was a debate about the affect of so called Video Nasty’s on the minds of young people. Ultimately leading to censorship of home videos through the Video Recordings Act. Films like Zombi 2, The Beyond, Cannibal Holocaust, The Driller Killer, were banned or even prosecuted. Even classics like The Evil Dead and Friday the 13thwere subject to seizure. Had Chainsaw been a movie in 1982, rather than a novel in 2018, it would have been on the list. I’m also pretty confident that Chainsaw author John Bender has seen all the movies I name checked here, their influence is clear in both the humor and gory violence on display. John is clearly an author steeped in the history of horror.

Chainsaw is quite simply about a chainsaw. A chainsaw that is stolen from its owner to be used in a bank robbery by our lead characters Randy and JT. People that would be right at home in The Hills Have Eyes (also a Video Nasty). Unfortunately, the original owner of the chainsaw is a touch annoyed about its loss, and decides he would like it back. Action, violence, gore and humor ensue. Sam Raimi would be proud. From the opening exposition through to the literally explosive final scenes, the pace never lets up as one disastrous decision plays into another.

A story that’s reminiscent of the best horror comedies, stories that are about escapism and having a good time with a wonderful sleazy story. A perfect quick read for the horror fan in your life. As with any good horror, Chainsaw ends on a cliffhanger setting up a sequel. I can’t wait to see where this goes next…

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