Blog Tour Review! Dear Mr Pop Star by Derek and Dave Philpot from Unbound

Unique. Charming. Engaging. Nostalgic at times. But most of all a huge amount of fun

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dear mr pop star

Dear Mr Pop Star’s concept is simple in its design and stunning in its execution. Lyrics from popular music are taken literally and letters written to their authors to point out the inconsistencies. 100 of these letters with their genuine replies are collected here. Alongside some particularly funny asides, as a massive Iron Maiden fan I found the literal interpretation of the lyrics to their eponymous song really rather brilliant. Sadly, this one does not have a reply with it, I’d be curious to know what Steve Harris would think. Or perhaps even Rod Smallwood.

A love of pop music in all its forms underpins the whole glorious shebang, which I do feel is a crucial point. If you don’t particularly like pop music, I’d steer clear. I think that would be a minority of people who would even be reading a review though, let alone inclined to pick up a copy should it catch their eye. My personal faverourite letters and responses came with songs I knew well and love, though early on in the book the breakdown and response to We Built This City (On Rock and Roll) is laugh out loud funny. Ear worms are a distinct possibility as you read, even now I have We Built This City stuck in my head, and I’m only commenting on it in a review.

The whole experience is underpinned with such a clear lifelong love for pop music that you can’t help but get swept up in the enthusiasm. Well, from Dave at least. I can’t decide if Derek is a fan and aficionado or just thinks the whole idea of pop lyrics is a tad bizarre. If it’s the latter, he does have a point really. I mean how many lyrics could you really read as poetry without the riffs to back them up? Some of Ian Curtis’ work, Joni Mitchel and Leonard Cohen perhaps. Really very few in the grand scheme of popular music. Not being quite sure just how Derek feels is also part of the joke, it’s for you to decide.

The Philpot’s, as they are collectively known throughout, have dedicated years to this project and it comes through in the finished product, a labor of love of which they can be rightly proud. It’s a fun, joyous journey to get swept along on, enjoy the ride.

The blog tour continues until October 15th, check out the rest of the dates below.

pop star blog tour

One thought on “Blog Tour Review! Dear Mr Pop Star by Derek and Dave Philpot from Unbound

  1. Sir we thank you enormously for an erudite, thorough and entirely accurate critique of our tome.. We thank you in equal gratuity for the placing it in such great company within your collage – it is now part of ours – and for dedicating so much time to reading and so painstakingly assessing the missive.

    P.S. Father really does know very little about pop music; he merely responds to whatever songs I shove in front of him

    Dave, from joint facebook account


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