#Fahrenbruary – It all Kicks Off TOMORROW!!!

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Hopefully by now, you’ll have seen the excitement that’s starting to build on twitter around #Fahrenbruary. Both Mart (of the Beardy Book Blog fame) and I are hugely excited for the month ahead, a lot of work has gone in to get to where we are today and now its basically here I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas!

I like to get the buy links in up front so before we go any further, you can buy any of the books and work by all the authors mentioned below, and the whole Fahrenheit / Fahrenheit 13 catalogue, as well as some fantastic merch direct, it’s the best way to support – it keeps the maximum amount of money possible where it belongs, with the publisher and the author. Just follow this link to get started: BOOKS, BOOKS, GET YOUR BOOKS HERE!!

Just a few of the things that are happening right here on itsanindiebookblog.com

Throughout the month I have contributions coming up from:

Aidan Thorn

Jo Perry

Lee Matthew Goldberg

David Nolan

Ariana D Den Blyker

Tony Cox

Russ Day

And the founding father of Fahrenheit, Mr Chris McVeigh himself will be answering some questions for us – I’m working on these at the moment, if there is anything you think I should be asking let me know in the comments or on twitter.

On top of that I have reviews planned for Dead is Good, Needle Song, Black Moss, Vinyl Junkie, Prey No More and Red Hands.

And an ambitious attempt to review Noirville, a story at a time. I hope I am able to complete this one, no guarantees though. It’s gonna be a busy month!

And that’s just my little blog. Mart has loads going on, all of which I’m excited to read. He has myriad guest posts and reviews lined up too.

Plus the wonderful people at Fahrenheit will be arranging give away’s across the month.

And they have designed merch for us. WE HAVE MERCH!!! I can not begin to tell you how excited I am by this!

You can buy Fahrenheit merch here: MERCH, MERCH, GET YOUR GLAMOUROUS MERCH HERE.

We have had immense support on twitter. Every author we have approached has been so generous and giving of their time and talents to make this a success. I hope we don’t let you down.

Bloggers too, a community I’m proud to be a part of. So many have said they will be reading and reviewing throughout the month. Loads of contributions from a diversity of voices that speaks volumes about this fantastic and supportive community. I’ll be retweeting furiously throughout the month, as I hope you will be too.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag in anything you post #Fahrenbruary (helps us all find each others posts) and if reviewing or shouting out, tag in Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit 13, the author in question, your mum, your cat, whomever can help spread the word.

Above all else, this is supposed to be fun! Enjoy it, read as many posts on as many blogs as you can, retweet, spread the word far and wide. Buy some books!

Have a fantastic #Fahrenbruary all!! I’ll see you tomorrow with my opening post, I can’t wait

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