The Fires Fahrenbruary – a #Fahrenbruary guest post from Jo Perry

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For the second day of #Fahrenbruary, I’m really pleased and proud to be able to host a guest post from the incomparable Jo Perry. Jo’s Charlie and Rose books are quintessential Fahrenheit. I adore them, their unique storytelling style, wonderful characters, huge heart and compassion. I’ve reviewed Dead is Better and Dead is Best previously on the blog. My review of Dead is Good will be posted tomorrow for day three.


All three books are available to buy direct from Fahrenheit here

There are even still a few copies of the spectacular limited edition, hand numbered, hardback available here.

The fourth book in the series, Dead is Beautiful, will be a #Fahrenbruary release – due out on the 14th.

Thats enough from me, apart to say a massive Thank You to Jo Perry who has been a huge supporter of this blog since day one and has gone way beyond the call in supporting #Fahrenbruary with this post, myriad tweets and promotion and designing all the gifs you’ll see on twitter through the month. A wonderful human being.

The Fires Fahrenbruary

What the hell is Fahrenheit and how did it inspire the heretical, month-long Fiesta del Oh Fuck Off known as Fahrenbruary––glorious offspring of goddess of rebellion Adrestia’s dalliance with Februarius (named for Februa, feast of purification)––yes, Fahrenbruary, the twenty-eight-night bonfire and twenty-eight-day, all-you-can-consume buffet of so-immolating-it’s-purifying impudence, fearlessness, insurgence, naughtiness, noir and love.

Fahrenheit are (I’m using the British plural as a nod to Bosses Chrises McVeigh and Black) a rebellion-infused, exacting, independent publishing outfit with a Why The Fuck Not? insouciance that offers artisanally sourced, organic, pesticide-free, five-star, master-level punk sommeliers-of-noir-curated, decanted, XXXX-strength, 99.99% mind-blowing crime fiction to crime fiction epicures and just plain crime fiction gluttons.

Fahrenheit are a restless, prickly, hungry, funny, somber, insistent, sullen, smart-ass, hilarious, kind and always-ready-to-make-trouble crew of bloggers, readers, hangers-on, pets, vets, poets, artists, behind-the-scenes bots, elves and a few ghosts.

Fahrenheit are a ragtag, fugitive fleet of bad girl and bad boy crime writers who’ve fled the tyranny of the tired, the ordinary, the formulaic, the safe, the tasteful and the bland and whose quest is to establish an outcast colony on the weirdly and wildly dark and very hot planet they call Noir.

Fahrenheit is writer’s dare writer and a reader’s provocation.

Fahrenheit means abandoning the already trampled, road-less traveled bullshit and burning that road and the whole fucking forest down.

Fahrenheit is a group free-dive, a holding of hands, a leap of terror and faith into a sea of turbulent, startling, heart-piercing, incandescent fictions.

Fahrenheit won’t be labeled, genre-d, cubby-holed, or domesticated.

At Fahrenheit, F is for Feral.

Fahrenheit is hard to describe to the uninitiated––but, trust me––you’ll know it’s Fahrenheit when you read it.

Hint: If you feel as if the top of your head were taken off, it’s Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit is rhapsodic, sly, and poetic. It’s broken-glass heartbreak. It’s menace and violence and luminous darkness. It’s heart, wit, and lush originality. It’s pulp’s moody fearlessness.  It’s punk and it’s rock & roll. It’s take-your-breath-away betrayal and cutting suspense. It’s the tattered gorgeousness of noir. It’s mystery’s astringent freshness.  It’s hardboiled–– sometimes hardbroiled––caustic, and devastating subversions. It’s the wrenchingly authentic, immersive, shocking, deeply scary, touching, inventive, wild, filthy, sexy, sad, hilariously funny and indelible-as-tattoos books by these Fahrenheit/Fahrenheit13 crime fiction masters:

Claire Blanchard, Paul Brazil, Ricky Bush, Jacqueline Chadwick, Paul Charles, Linden Chase, Tony R Cox, James Craig, Russell Day, JJ De Ceglie, Ariana D. Den Blyker, Turlough Delaney, Nikki Dolson, CJ Dunford, Derek Farrell, Steve Finbow, Paul Gadsby, SJ Gardiner, Richard Godwin, Simon Hall, Charles Kriel, Jim Lusby, Seth Lynch, Duncan McMaster, Paddy Magrane, GJ Moffat, Liz Monument, Grant Nicol, David Nolan, Todd Morr, James Pate, Ian Patrick, Matt Phillips, Nick Quantrill, Mark Rapacz, Mark Ramsden, AE Rawson, Ally Rose, Cal Smith, B.R. Stateham, Ruth Sutton, Aidan Thorn, Saira Viola, Robert White, Jonathan Woods, Graham Wynd and Michael Young (

Fahrenheit means never lukewarm. Never in the middle.

Fahrenheit is burn or freeze, ice or fire, dark or darker.

Fahrenheit is writing so potent and voices so true you believe them right away.

Fahrenheit means going deep, getting dizzy, your heart knocking the bones inside your chest. It means holding your breath and letting the pages––one after another––turn you, transport you, scare you, move you, change you.

Burn, baby burn.


Jo Perry, January 22, 2019, Los Angeles

(Dead Is Better, Dead Is Best, Dead Is Good, and Dead Is Beautiful (2019), Fahrenheit Press/Fahrenheit 13.)

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