#Fahrenbruary – Review: Noirville from Fahrenheit Press – The Business Card by Jeff C Stevenson

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The Business Card by Jeff C Stevenson

Have you seen Zodiac? If you haven’t then I would recommend that you do, if you have then you’ll know the type of story that Jeff C Stevenson has delivered. A series of murders, seemingly at random but all marked with a white business card. The card is the only common thread, on the face of it at least, and contains a string of letters and numbers, nothing else. In my first Noirville review, I said that there were a few tales that I felt could be turned into longer stories, this is one of them. To the extent that you are even left on a cliff-hanger. I would love to see that resolved in another story, in whatever format Jeff wishes to write it.

Paced to within an inch of its life, Jeff has crafted an almost perfect serial killer thriller here, the kind of tale that really keeps you guessing to the end, giving up its clues little by little as you read. The kind of story that would make a great movie or TV series. One day I should be starting a review by asking if you’ve seen The Business Card?

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