#Fahrenbruary – Review: Noirville from Fahrenheit Press – The Canary Islands Crime Boss by Glenda Young

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The Canary Islands Crime Boss by Glenda Young

Only on my third of fifteen reviews, and I’ve used the word classic a lot so far. I’m not about to stop here. One of the things Noirville delivers is a huge range of styles and approaches. So far we have had examples of classic hitman and serial killer stories, The Canary Islands Crime Boss is in the classic fish out of water style. Jimmy married into a successful crime family and soon found himself working for his brother in law as an accountant. Not something he was terribly comfortable with but he also likes the lifestyle, his conscience doesn’t run that deep it seems.

We do love a good underdog and I think you’ll find yourself rooting for Jimmy from the off. Packing a lot of story into just ten pages, this is classic brit noir with a streak of dark humour running through it. Brits will especially enjoy a running joke about baked beans. Now there’s a line I never thought I’d write in a review.

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