#Fahrenbruary – Review: Noirville from Fahrenheit Press – Washed Up by Paul Gadsby

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Noirvile is available to buy direct from Fahrenheit here:

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Washed Up by Paul Gadsby

An interesting story this one, a simple premise when you think about it but not one that is often written about. What happens when gangsters reach retirement age? When the next generation start to come through and bring their own ideas to the table. Cocky little buggers as it turns out.

Paul has created a story reminiscent of a full novel here, paced and structured as such. Moving at a great speed and with a well built sense of unease and tension. The problem with trying to unseat the old guard is their senses are honed over a long time in the business. Loyalty, not so much. Our characters find this out to their expense. A great lesson in respecting our elders and not underestimating their worth. Noir with a social message underpinning it.

Pauls full length novel Back Door to Hell was part of my most recent Fahrenheit order. On the strength of this story, and Martins #Fahrenbruary review over at The Beardy Book Blog (check that out here), I can’t wait to get to it.

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