#Fahrenbruary – Review: Noirville from Fahrenheit Press – The Icing On The Cake by Russel Day

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The Icing On The Cake by Russel Day

If you’ve been following #Fahrenbruary all month, you will hopefully have seen our guest post from Russ (here) and my review of his full debut novel Needle Song (here). The Icing On The Cake is the story that brought Russ to the attention of Fahrenheit. And on reading this, you can see why the judges were impressed.

At its heart the story is about the interplay between two characters on a car journey. A seasoned gangster on his release from prison and the young lad who has only just joined the firm that is picking him up to take him to his ‘surprise’ welcome home party. Russ’s skill with building interesting characters, even over such a short word count, and building a convincing world in which for them to live really shines through here. The dialogue between the two leads really drives the story forward, alongside the narration provided by our driver. A driver whose motivations are never really clear. Until the ending that is. An explosive, dramatic close to a great story

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