#Fahrenbruary – Review: Noirville from Fahrenheit Press – Gianfranco’s List by S.E. Bailey

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Noirvile is available to buy direct from Fahrenheit here:

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Gianfranco’s List by S.E. Bailey

Telling the story of a person who got out, and the life she left behind coming back to haunt her. A story of secrets that refuse to stay buried and past mistakes impacting on the present. All in the space of a well structured short.

There are more secrets and lies in this story than most noir novels cram in to 200 pages or more, making for an exciting and paced read. Laura, the one that got out, and Mary-Beth, the one that tracked her down to extort help are both richly drawn characters as is Gianfranco of the title. Oozing menace, he is spoken about with a mixture of reverence and fear throughout. Another classic trope of the noir genre, done in an engaging and well written manner.


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