#Fahrenbruary – Review: Noirville from Fahrenheit Press – The Shrieking Of Nothing by Joe Guglielmelli

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The Shrieking Of Nothing by Joe Guglielmelli

What could drive a normal man to kill? Not a gangster, a criminal, a hitman, a police officer or someone defending their life or that of their loved ones, or even seeking revenge for a killing, as we usually find in noir. But a normal man, in a normal job, living in a normal apartment. What would drive such a person to want to plan and carry out a pre-meditated murder? That’s the concept underlying The Shrieking of Nothing.

This is a thought-provoking story, a decent into madness and an examination of grief. Joe also examines the connections we make in life and the importance of the little things. Empathy runs deep in this story and it really drives home the importance in life of being ale to understand more than one point of view and relating to those you encounter every day. A small act of kindness or understanding can go a long way



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