#Fahrenbruary – Final Thoughts on a Fantastic Month

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I couldn’t see the last day out without posting a few thoughts on what has been a fantastic, if somewhat exhausting month.

There is a sense of accomplishment that we’ve managed it. This crazy little idea that Martin (of the Beardy Book Blog) had late last year and casually tweeted out about, I responded to that tweet and through the ensuing conversation it grew into something really quite ambitious and which I certainly feel we have delivered on. Not bad for two working Joes with challenging day jobs to contend with alongside running our respective blogs. No day has gone by where we haven’t both gotten at least one #Fahrenbruary post up.

We’ve had some spectacular support in that endeavour. Guest posts and Q&As from a whole host of Fahrenheit authors, I’ve been privileged to host Jo Perry, Russ Day, Ariana D Den Bleyker, David Nolan, Lee Matthew Goldberg, Tony Cox and Aidan Thorn across the month. Not to mention our epic and glorious closing Q&A with Mr Fahrenheit himself, Chris McVeigh. The support we’ve had from Chris and Chris has been unreal, both gents have stayed really engaged with the whole month and helped us keep the momentum going, they’ve also offered out some great prizes along the way. A big note of thanks must also go to the Fahrenheit Elves, whom have been kept somewhat busy with Twitter, Instagram, merch designing and staying on top of the orders coming in.

We’ve had some lovely support across the blogging community too, I want to send a special shout out to my new friends Danielle (The Reading Closet) and Kelly (From Belgium with Book Love) who really got stuck into the spirit of the occasion and arranged not one, but two Q&As with Ariana D Den Bleyker.

I also couldn’t close without a shout out for the wonderful Jo Perry who has not only been a huge supporter of my little blog since day one, she has been an absolute legend throughout #Fahrenbruary, all the GIFs we’ve used have been supplied by Jo and her momentum in supporting us hasn’t flagged at all through the month.

There are so many people that have supported us along the way, and I’m grateful to each and every one of you. If you haven’t been named here please don’t be offended – there are simply too many of you, you know who you are and remember that we love you all. #Fahrenbruary wouldn’t have been what it was without you.

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I think the last time I wrote this much prose in such a short time was my dissertation at university. As I’m a bit of a number nerd at heart, I had a look at how many words I’ve written for #Fahrenbruary. The grand total, including the entirety of this post is 12,030. With his legendarily detailed reviews though, I reckon Martin will have me beat on that! It’s been a huge amount of fun to do though and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

A few personal highlights, hosting guest posts from authors I admire. Writing my first Q&As, that was a fun experience, especially getting brilliant answers back and seeing how that all coalesced into a finished post. The Noirville project has also been a huge amount of fun to do, writing mini reviews for an anthology hadn’t occurred to me before #Fahrenbruary. But its something I often think when I see an anthology reviewed that a lot of the stories either don’t get mentioned or just get a passing name check. So it wasn’t too much of a stretch to put two and two together really. I don’t read enough anthologies, that is something as a result of this experience that I’m going to look to rectify this year. Noirville has been excellent and reviewing it in the way I have has really helped me get under the skin of each story in a way I might not otherwise have done over shorter word counts. Its been hugely rewarding to do, and I’m thrilled that its been well received. I hope some of you do go and buy the book, these are tales and writers worth your time and support.

I said in my opening comments, that Fahrenheit has fans and that I can’t really think of another publisher for whom that can be claimed. This month has really solidified that for me, the response we’ve had has been humbling to say the least, I’ve never known my twitter notifications to be so consistently busy. There has been a real sense of community around the whole thing. As a fan I just wanted to start drawing this to a close by sharing my Fahrenheit / Fahrenheit Thirteen collection…


(Not pictured, around half a dozen e-books)

There will no doubt be many more to be added over the coming months and years. I’m excited to see where the coming year takes Fahrenheit and the cutting edge of noir writing. Whatever Chris and Chris have in store, I’m sure will continue to push boundaries and stretch the definition of noir, change what can be achieved in the genre.

So, after twenty eight days, countless posts across the community, tweets and RTs, comments and likes, chats amongst new friends and old to celebrate all that is Fahrenheit, we are at an end. It’s been an absolute blast and I hope you’ve all enjoyed this month as much as I have.

#Fahrenbruary 2019 – what a ride.

#Fahrenbruary 2020?? Only time will tell…





3 thoughts on “#Fahrenbruary – Final Thoughts on a Fantastic Month

  1. Thanks for the shout out 😊 It was an honour to part of #Fahrenbruary and I have so much admiration for what you and Mart have done these past 28 days, you guys rock!


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