An Exciting Week for Fahrenheit… Some Thoughts…

So, my friends at Fahrenheit have had a week of exciting announcements, once again pushing what indie publishing can be about. As well as the release of the final entry in the Tranquillity Trilogy by Linden Chase they have launched #Fahrenbundle and 69Crime.

Linden Chase’s Tranquillity Trilogy is a psychological thriller in a dystopian near future, or maybe a present day underworld – the author leaves that one up to you, where those that test as psychopaths are sent to an island to build a community of their own. These are really exciting stories, coming together at the end to create a cohesive whole. I wouldn’t recommend starting anywhere other than the beginning. I will be looking to put together a proper review of the full trilogy in the not to distant future. The release generate a lot of excitement on twitter, loads of RTs, comments, likes and a real buzz. That didn’t translate into first day sales though. RTs and promotion only goes so far if its not backed up with sales. Indie publishing is a challenging world, and whilst we can’t all buy every book from every publisher we adore if we don’t make supporting indie publishing a priority, it will disappear.

If you’re so inclined, here are the links to buy The Tranquillity Trilogy direct from Fahrenheit in your chosen format:

The Tranquillity Trilogy Buy Links

If you do choose to go and spend some money on a paperback direct, you can now also benefit from #Fahrenbundle. See what I did there, that’s a lovely little segue, I’m proud of that one. So whats #Fahrenbundle all about? In short, buy the paperback and get an e-book copy in your format of choice (e-pub and Kindle are available) completely free. The music industry have been doing this for years in the vinyl market, free download codes in records are really commonplace now. But until this week, I’m not aware of any publisher having done the same with books. It’s a fantastic idea, its been a long time coming and its typical of the indie world, and Fahrenheit in particular to have stepped up on this issue. I keep saying it, but put your money where your mouth is! Fahrenheit are doing exactly that. They have always claimed to be a publisher run more like a punk rock record label, this clear focus on their readers really cements that reputation for me. I do hope some of the bigger trad publishers are taking a cold hard look at this issue in light of #Fahrenbundle.

You can read Fahrenheits comments on the launch of #Fahrenbundle here.

In case you’re wondering how it plays out practically, I had the same thought and so on pay day Friday I bought two books in paperback. The final instalment of the Tranquillity Trilogy (available here), I am fortunate to have been able to read a proof copy earlier in the year, but I do need to have the finished version in the collection or the covers won’t match, and also Bad Bastards by Paul Heatley (available here). The purchasing process hasn’t changed for a paperback, just check out as normal. You’ll get your usual order confirmation via e-mail. This confirmation now includes an opening paragraph explaining #Fahrenbundle and providing you with a unique code. All you need to do is go back to the shop, add the e-book in your format of choice and when you go to check out, enter the code in the ‘coupon code’ box on the first payment screen. Simples. The order will ow show as free, all you need to do is complete your check out. Its dead easy.  I now have books in the post, and sat waiting on my e-reader. The process has clearly been thought through and works a charm. I encountered no first week gremlins and have been really impressed with this innovation. So simple when you think about it, but it takes guts to lead from the front and give it a go.

I said I bought two paperback on Friday. That’s not entirely accurate. I had planned to buy two. Then on Friday afternoon came the announcement of 69crime. Harking back to the glory days of the pulps, 69crime is bringing back the ‘head to tail’ two books in one format. These are exactly what they sound like. Two books in one volume, printed back to back. One book from the front, flip the book over and its another book. As well as the wonderful sense of nostalgia for fans of pulp noir fiction, 69crime is taking a refreshed look at the challenge of making short form fiction profitable. Offering two stories in this way is not only a lovely way of presenting fiction, it offers value for money in a world that places an ever-decreasing value on shorter form fiction. This despite the fact that some of the all-time great noir stories were written in this way, The Postman Always Rings Twice and I, The Jury are both classics. Lawrence Block, Donald Westlake and Max Allan Collins all excel at this word count. And its not just crime. Stephen King has written some of his best work at shorter word counts – Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption, Elevation, The Colorado Kid. Valancourt’s Paperbacks From Hell series includes stories in shorter form, The Reaping is a shorter story and When Darkness Loves Us includes two short form stories in the one volume. So much great work that could get overlooked due to perception that for a book to have value it has to be 400 pages. So much evidence that this isn’t true and 69crime will be championing short form stories. They deserve your support!

You can read Fahrenheits comments on the launch of 69crime here.

The first book includes a story from Aidan Thorne, which is really exciting stuff. I read two of his stories last year, and reviewed both of them for the blog (When The Music’s Over and Rival Sons), both are excellent. Aidan is a really exciting writer and any new story from his is cause for celebration, so I’m absolutely thrilled that he is featured in the first 69crime book. Also featured is Nick Quantrill, by reputation an excellent author. I haven’t read any of Nick’s books myself yet, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. Also really exciting is the promised double bill of Derek Farrell and Jo Perry, two Fahrenheit legends in one book!

You can buy the first 69crime book here, and don’t forget if you buy the paperback it qualifies for the #Fahrenbundle e-book.

So all in all, its been quite the week for Fahrenheit. This is how indie publishing will survive. Continuing to provide great stories, putting their readers first and looking for ways to innovate in a crowded market. They have done their bit, we now need to do ours. There are loads of links in this piece to go and buy a book, here’s one more – for the full catalogue:

Browse and Buy a Book.

And if all that weren’t enough, Fahrenheit are teasing another major announcement this week… I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves next…


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