#IndieCrimeCrawl – What is Indie?


Today marks the start of Indie Crime Crawl week, an initiative to support and promote indie crime publishing. When the wonderful Jo Perry first voiced the idea a few months ago, it was a no brainer as far as I was concerned to be getting involved. This is exactly my kind of thing. Supporting indies, their writers and readers – hopefully introducing people to something new along the way. And all this within the crime genre, alongside horror its where most of my reading is done.

I have a number of posts planned across the week, including this one, and will be RTing anything I come across with the #IndieCrimeCrawl or as much as I can at least! As I was starting to think about what I wanted to cover though and the publishers I would be highlighting I also started to think about what Indie means. Or more specifically what it means to me. So, as we get started on what is promising to be a wonderful week promoting great indie crime fiction, I just wanted to share a few thoughts on what Indie publishing means to me as a reader and blogger.

So, what is Indie?

Indie is publishers

Indie is writers

Indie is readers

Indie is bloggers

Indie is welcoming

Indie is a community working and reading together for what they love

Indie is great stories, compellingly told

Indie is representation

Indie is inclusive

Indie is a space for all of us to be ourselves

Indie is global

Indie is new writing

Indie is taking a chance

Indie is a punk rock attitude

Indie is faith in others

Indie is giving a voice to those outside of the mainstream

Indie is for all genres

Indie is passion

Indie is love of the written word

Indie is not caring what the ‘market place’ says

Indie is not caring about word count or form

Indie is for the tale to be told

Indie is novels

Indie is novellas

Indie is short stories

Indie is poetry

Indie is individual

Indie is for everyone

Indie is whatever you want it to be….

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