Readers Top 100 of the 21st Century – Get involved!

Following the conversation on the Guardian Top 100 list yesterday, a few blogger friends suggested that a list of our own would be a good idea, I agreed and for reasons I can’t quite remember now offered to have a go at putting something together. So here we go…

I want this to be a readers top 100. So, I am opening this up to any reader who wishes to contribute. You do not need to have a blog to get involved.

The list will be compiled based on contributions received before the end of September. To be clear, that’s 23:59 Monday 30th September 2019 UK Time.

To get involved you need to send me a list of your top ten books, published after January 1st 2000. For tie breaking purposes your books need to be ranked I’m afraid. I will assign ten points to your number one book, nine points to number two, through to one point for your number ten.

You do not need to send in a full list of ten if you don’t wish to, any list you do submit needs to be ranked, and the above scoring system will apply. The top book listed will still get ten points for the purposes of ranking regardless of the length of your list. Any lists of greater than ten, will be cut off after the tenth book.

No omnibus editions please, this just confuses things!

ThisPlease send your contributions to before the deadline of 23:59 30th September 2019. will all be compiled onto a spreadsheet.

The books with the top 100 scores will make the list. Simple. Depending on how many people get involved, there may be more or less titles on the final list.

The final list will NOT be ranked. The top titles will be organised alphabetically.

Enjoy!! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with,

A couple of quick boring points just for clarity:

I will not be entering into any correspondence from this e-mail address. So please don’t send anything else to it.

This is not a competition, and is only intended as a bit of fun.

There are no prize draws for contributing.

I undertake no commitment to any individual contributing.

Contributing indicates acceptance of the above.

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