2019 Ends, 2020 Begins…

It’s been a great blogging and reading year, from the joy (and intense hard work) of Fahrenbruary to seeing the lovely folks at Red Dog Press go from strength to strength in their first full year. Red Dog are actually the only publisher from whom I can claim a full set in my collection.

I didn’t do a top 10 last year, I don’t think I’m going to again this year. I think it’s too difficult to rank what I’ve read in such a way. Plus, I don’t complete books I’m not enjoying, life’s too short. Although its getting rarer and rarer that I don’t complete a book.

I am going to share my 2019 reading list though, it’s the longest since I started keeping track in 2014, and reflects a wonderful reading year. So many great authors, books and publishers on this list. Its also one of the very few times that my non-indie tastes are given room on the blog. I compile this list as I finish a book, its entirely about what I’ve read this year. Its that simple. The first book may have been started in 2018, but if it was completed in 2019 it goes on this list. So in that vein, I want to give an honourable mention to Matt Wesolowski whose new novel Beast will very likely be the first book on the 2020 list, I’m about half way through and thoroughly enjoying another six stories tale.

I enjoyed each and every one of these sixty-five books and I’m looking forward to another exciting reading year in 2020. I have some ideas for pieces for the blog in the new year, a number of lovely people have already contributed to a piece I want to put together about Novellas. I also have an idea for a much longer post on Soho Noir by TS Hunter and what that’s meant to me as a gay man. Plus, the usual indie reviews will keep on coming.

So, here as promised is my 2019 reading list:

Title Author
The Lingering SJI Holiday
Noirville Various
Dead is Good Jo Perry
Black Moss David Nolan
Red Hands Ariana D Den Blyker
Prey No More Lee Matthew Goldberg
This Queer Angel Elaine M Chambers
Tranquillity 3 Linden Chase
Tainted Love TS Hunter
The Lewis Man Peter May
The Nest Gregory A Douglas
The Chalk Man C J Tudor
Daisy Jones and The Six Taylor Jenkins Reid
Matilda Roald Dahl
Burial Graham Masterson
The Wounded and the Slain David Goodis
Overkill Vanda Symon
Force of Nature Jane Harper
Redwall Brian Jacques
A Bloody Business Dylan Struzan
Bang Bang You’re Dead / Worst Laid Plans Nick Qunatril & Aidan Thorne
Bad Bastards Paul Heatley
The Lost Man Jane Harper
This is What Happened Mick Herron
When Darkness Loves Us Elizabeth Engstrom
Dead is Beautiful Jo Perry
Joe Country Mick Herron
Who’s That Girl TS Hunter
Good Samaritans Will Carver
Death of an Angel Derek Farrell
The Reaping Bernard Taylor
Fade to Blonde Max Philips
The Confession Domenic Stansberry
The Tribe Barri Wood
Careless Whisper TS Hunter
Sweet Sorrow David Nicholls
The Great Believers Rebecca Makkai
Freeze Tag Caroline B Cooney
The Touch F Paul Wilson
The Sleepwalker Joseph Knox
The Spirit Thomas Page
Very Nearly Dead AK Reynolds
In the Absence of Miracles Michael J Malone
Changeling Matt Wesolowski
The Cockroach Ian McEwan
The Keep F Paul Wilson
The Ringmaster Vanda Symon
Paperbacks From Hell Grady Hendrix
A Shot In The Dark Neil Richards & Matthew Costello
50 Years Legal Simon Napier Bell
Crazy for You TS Hunter
The Nickel Boys Colson Whitehead
Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas Adam Kay
The Institute Stephen King
The Last Romeo Justin Myers
Cruising Alex Espinoza
Everything Happens / Death of a Sinner Jo Perry / Derek Farrell
Killer Queen TS Hunter
Stay Mad, Sweetheart Heleen Kist
Gwendy’s Magic Feather Richard Chizmar
Killing Quarry Max Allan Collins
Full Throttle Joe Hill
Smalltown Boy TS Hunter
Six Stories Matt Wesolowski
A Legacy of Spies John Le Carre



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