A Bit About Me

“I firmly believe the world turns on stories”

I’m a fan. A fan of music, of movies, of TV, of theatre and of course of books. I don’t particularly limit myself to any genre. I’m as comfortable at a metal gig in a rock and roll dive bar as I am at a six-hour opera performance, as comfortable with Shakespeare as I am a big West End musical. The same applies to books. For me, it is the story that matters, I firmly believe the world turns on stories and I’ve had a great love of them for as long as I can remember.

All that being said, like anyone, I do have favorites. In books that’s crime and horror, I do also enjoy comedies, sci-fi and even what is often called literary fiction. Although I’m not keen on the term, for me it has a degree of snobbery about it. I prefer to think of a lot of books often lumped into that genre as drama.

As horror and crime are amongst my favorite genres, do expect to see me talking a lot about them here.

I have a day job, that I enjoy and that challenges me. I am not a professional critic and have no ambition to be. Reading for me is a joy, this blog is an outlet to share that and to hopefully lend a voice of support to indie authors and publishers whilst I’m at it.