No Free Ride

If we don’t support indie publishers and authors, we will lose them. Simple as. Despite the huge success of some books, there isn’t to my understanding a lot of money in the industry unless you’re a J.K. Rowling or a Stephen King (both amazing writers, for the record).

I am in a fairly privileged position in that I have a day job that pays a decent wage. That means I can afford to buy books. Which I do. I only say that to illustrate that I am conscious of my privilege and that what follows is not intended as a lecture, its just my view and how I want to run this blog.

I intend to continue to pay for books. This is the only way that money makes it in to authors and publisher’s pockets and allows them to keep on doing what they do, and keeps all of us in good reading company whilst they are at it. That’s why I will not be accepting free books of any kind to review. I am happy for any publisher or writer that thinks I might be interested to get in touch, I am happy to receive advance copies too. I will though be insisting on paying for anything I accept. You all have PayPal accounts right? This does mean though that I won’t necessarily be able to accept everything I’m offered if this blog goes well. Please don’t be offended if I say no.

The purpose of my setting up this blog is to support indie publishing; I don’t feel that accepting free books for review achieves that end. It also allows me to retain my independence.